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A.I. Subway Track Detection:
'Operation Train Security'

Spurned on by a call to action to improve subway safety from the MTA, the Middle School cohort tackled machine learning through object detection as they trained an image classifier to delineate between humans and debris.

Their engineering goal was to create a cheap, sustainable solution that makes traveling on the subway safe for pedestrians and allows conductors to avoid potential hazards.


Tools utilized: Raspberry Pi, TensorFlow, Teachable Machine, Python, Raspbian

Origin Apps

Origins Globe:

Learners created graphics and programmed an app based on a country of interest.

Students researched and curated an informational essay based on their country. They used this information to populate their apps, which were displayed in the form of QR codes on a paper mache globe the students built, painted, and texturized.

Skills developed: Graphic design, palette creation, JavaScript Programming, Digital Literacy, Paper Mache, Informational Writing. 

Portfolio school: Unit 1 showcase

"The ability to identify ones own strengths and weaknesses is a crucial part of becoming a lifelong learner that thrives and innovates. Your children recognize the environmental factors that support their ability to learn, build, and create."

Archived Projects

Copy of #savethebees tw (1).png

Bee-Ker space:

Sustainable, Open-source, & MAker/DIY solutions for saving the BEEs!


Social Justice App Development 


App design and creation from a social justice lense.

From the research stage, and UX wireframing to programming.




Young engineers will be designing and building their very own escape room components

Emphasis on IoT, electrical engineering and mechatronics.

featured Social justice apps:


professional development

culturally responsive teaching: cultivate your students voices!

Arduino Science Journal 101


Curate an engaging scientific environment for experiments and long-term projects using the Arduino Science Journal. This workshop will take you through the fundamentals of using the Arduino Science Journal app, including navigating the interface and building positive user habits. Learn the basics of creating a digital collaborative classroom, and support independent exploration. Students will walk through exciting experiments and develop their skills with the scientific process. This workshop will give your learners the tools they need to study and document phenomena inside the classroom, and in the world around them!

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