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My name is Amanda Grutza, and I believe that every individual has the capacity to learn and achieve anything, as long as they are provided with the right support and opportunities. This applies to mastering complex industry-level software, adopting emerging technologies, or navigating new business challenges. People have an incredible ability to innovate, create, and explore when they are met where they are, and with a little trust and guidance, they have the potential to significantly impact their own lives and the broader community. I transitioned into business and technology roles from a background in education, where my passion for teaching and learning was ignited. I’ve never viewed myself strictly as a business professional or an educator, but rather as an advocate for human potential. Growing up in New York City’s public school system, I saw firsthand how individuals who didn’t fit the traditional mold could be overlooked. This experience fueled my commitment to creating environments where everyone can thrive. Our current business and educational models are often rigid and outdated, stifling creativity and independent thought. These systems can inhibit innovation and limit individual potential. However, I believe we are on the brink of a revolution in both fields. We can design organizations and educational systems that are centered around the individual, focusing on personalized learning, relevant projects, and mastery-based progression. By meeting people where they are, rather than forcing them into a one-size-fits-all approach, we can unlock their full potential. As leaders and advocates, we no longer need to adhere to archaic systems that perpetuate a narrow path to success. Instead, our organizations should be designed to be human-centered, with an emphasis on mastery, innovation, and individualized support. It's time to recognize individuals as the unique and capable humans they are, full of curiosity, passion, and the ability to experience both highs and lows. When we empower individuals to build their agency and engage in healthy risk-taking, they push themselves to achieve remarkable things. This approach creates lifelong learners and innovators who can implement tangible and impactful changes in the world around them.


Director of Innovation

Led development and implementation of cutting-edge programming and curriculum in computational thinking, digital literacy, and design education; provided professional development opportunities for staff; designed and maintained Innovation Lab; established community partnerships with industry leaders.

Curriculum Developer and Facilitator

Provided comprehensive STEM education to students from diverse backgrounds; integrated culturally responsive teaching strategies; taught critical thinking and problem-solving skills through engineering design method.

Lead Classroom Teacher

Facilitated student-centered learning experiences by designing and implementing engaging, real-world projects that integrated multiple subjects. I collaborated with colleagues to develop interdisciplinary curricula, fostered critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and assessed student progress through authentic performance tasks.

Professional Development Coordinator & Fab Lab/Makerspace Design

Consulted on makerspace creation for schools, nonprofits, and community centers; crafted tailored space, inventory, curriculum, and implementation based on client needs.

Professional Development Specialist

Created and facilitated professional development programs for K-12 and STEM teachers; focused on technology, CAD, and digital literacy; conducted workshops on Arduino microcontrollers.

Technology / STEM Consultant

Advised on community service and technology-based projects, including digital media, robotics, social media, and design thinking.

core skills

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curriculum competencies

  • Singapore Math

  • Eureka! 

  • Investigations in Number, Data, and Space

  • Bridges in Mathematics

  • Read, Write, Inc!

  • Writing Revolution

  • Reading A-Z

  • Fountas & Pinell Assessment

  • Responsive Classroom

  • Zones of Regulation

  • See

  • MindUP

tools of the trade